Couples Coaching

​It is estimated that as many as 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Divorce is costly.  Not only does it create considerable financial consequences, but it inevitably takes a significant emotional and psychological toll on all family members. 

It is my opinion that many of the marriages that end in divorce don’t need to.

I help couples develop skills and insights that can help their relationships be healthier and more functional, thus reducing the risk of divorce.

My approach to working with couples is a coaching versus therapy model.  The coaching approach emphasizes identifying strengths and developing skills.  Improved relationship skills enable each partner to work towards overcoming personal, interpersonal and cultural challenges that undermine the marital relationship.

Therapy works under premise that either one or both partners in the marriage is sick.  Working from this premise often compromises a couple’s efforts to establish more adaptive patterns of interaction.  Labeling one of the partners in a maladaptive relationship as “sick” or as the “identified problem” makes it too easy for the other partner to abdicate his/her responsibility in perpetuating relationship dysfunction.

My goal is to help each individual understand their role in preserving unhealthy relationship patterns and to help both partners assume personal responsibility for creating a healthier relationship.



Since I employ a coaching model in working with couples I am unable to bill your medical insurance for this service.  In order to bill insurance I would have to diagnose one of the partners with a mental illness which stated previously is not part of the coaching process